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Mental Health Education Mental Health struggles effect everyone at varying points in their life time. This is why early intervention through education is incredibly important for today’s youth. Through education youth can learn how to understand their own mental health, to respond in a healthy manner and be willing to ask for help.


Objective: To help youth have better mental health literacy, reduce stigma about mental health so youth will ask for help more readily, and provide coping skills and routines to manage stress, anxiety and build habits that can improve mental health.


Session one breakdown

          -What is mental health and why is it important

           -Discuss different roles youth have in daily life and stressors associated with each

           -How compounded stressors can lead to mental health problems and how to check in with yourself

           -Where to go and why it is important to ask for help. Please note resources will be provided.


Session two breakdown

           -Building daily habits that promote positive mental health development

           -Coping skills and strategies to help manage mental health – ones that can be incorporated into daily living

           -Resources to support the skills provided


All information shared will be evidenced based and supported by research. If youth and their families have questions about how to access additional mental health support, guidance or education this can be provided by the facilitator Rebecca Hatton. Please note the sessions will not be facilitated in a lecture format, rather will be interactive and include activities that encourage engagement.

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