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Sports Performance Programs

At Adrenaline Strength & Conditioning, we offer comprehensive sports performance programs tailored to athletes of all levels. Our expert coaches design individualized training regimens focusing on strength, speed, agility, and injury prevention. Through evidence based techniques and personalized attention, we empower athletes to reach their peak potential.


Our youth sports performance training introduces children to functional foundation movement that's universal to all sports. Our program is designed to take athleticism to the next level by improving Balance, Coordination, Speed, Agility, and Strength


Our High School sports performance (ages 14-18) offers a dynamic and comprehensive program designed to enhance athleticism, and increase overall performance. Led by experienced coaches, our sessions focus on strength, speed, agility, and power.
With a supportive and motivating environment, athletes receive personalized attention to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. Whether aspiring to excel in team sports or preparing for individual competitions, our training group fosters growth, camaraderie, and a strong foundation for success.


Achieve your potential on the ice with our elite ringette sports performance program. Designed for off-season and pre-season preparation, our program focuses on enhancing agility, speed, strength, and endurance specific to ringette players. Led by our experienced strength and conditioning Coach Cade, workouts are designed to elevate your game and maximize your performance when it counts. U14+ and up .

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